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Work With Us!

Sound familiar?We Can Help!
“My boss keeps half of the money I earn.”Partnering with Avalon will allow you to maximize your earnings. We honor your desire to build a better financial future for your family. You work hard, and you should keep what you earn!
“I wish I could create my own schedule. Working for other people does not allow the flexibility I need.”Your membership is completely flexible. You decide when you work. You book your own clients. You set your own schedule.
“I’ve been working form home and doing house calls. However, I do not always feel comfortable doing in-home massages.”You and your clients will love our beautiful, professional space conveniently located on Grand River Avenue, just East of MSU’s beautiful campus.
“I want to be self-employed, but I don’t have the resources to open my own location quite yet.”Rest easy with our low obligation month-to-month partnerships. Stay for a few months or make this your permanent work location. It’s up to you!
“I want to be surrounded by other professionals in my field. I need community and support. “At Avalon, we build and support one another personally and professionally. Network with colleagues at your location to create unique packages for your clients, trade services, or cover last-minute scheduling conflicts.
“Sometimes my schedule gets a little crazy. What if I run out of oils or lotions? What if I realize as I’m heading out the door that I forgot to put my sheets in the dryer?!”
Avalon Massage Collective was created to support real people living real lives. That’s why we created an on-site ‘store’ for partners offering sheet and towel rental and other basic supplies.
“I work in a place that conflicts with my goals and mission.”Each partner is a vital part of our culture. We each contribute our own priorities as we join the Collective.

Our East Lansing location offers:

  • Electric lift massage tables in every room
  • Double electric towel heaters
  • Pillows, bolsters and cushions
  • Hot stones: white jade, green jade, and black lava
  • Hand tools and thumb savers
  • Glass and rubber cupping sets
  • Sheet, towel, and blanket rental

Room Rent Pricing

Partnership levelTime Blocks included per monthPriceAdditional Time BlocksSavings
Avalon Massage Collective Partner Pricing


Time blocks are 6 hours each: 7:45am-1:45pm and 2:15pm-8:15pm. We leave a 30-minute gap in the middle for last-minute schedule adjustments and room setup. Partners sign up for available time blocks through Massage Book.

All new partners pay a non-refundable $150 new partner fee and a $300 refundable security deposit. Payment plans available. Alternate payment arrangements can be discussed if more than 20 time blocks are desired per month. Contact Sarah at 616-541-4124 to discuss options if new partner expenses are a concern.

Interested in working with Avalon Massage Collective? Call Sarah at (616)541-4124. We are eager to schedule your FREE consultation. Qualified applicants* will then be invited to bring a friend for a complementary, no-obligation trial session in one of our beautiful treatment rooms!

*Qualified applicants include individuals with current license in the State of Michigan and professional liability insurance. No license or insurance? Contact us at (616)541-4124 to discuss your situation.